CRUK Original Log Store PLUS 20 Nets of Logs


All in one deal. A”Cruk Original” Log store fully assembled and loaded with 20 nets of kiln dried hardwood logs.





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Our original unique arch-style wood store was the first we made and kicked off our popular range of garden furniture. This Log Store provides shelter for your firewood whilst ensuring items are neatly stacked with good airflow to maintain a tidy outdoors.

  • Fully tanalised* (Pressure Treated) low maintenance
  • No further treatment required
  • Keeps logs dry and aired
  • Natural timber finish
  • Ideal for any size garden or yard
  • Holds a one tonne bag

The arch is shaped by bending laminated strips of treated timber on a former then all the frame work is screwed together – this is built to LAST!! At the back there are three vertical planks spaced to give good airflow around your logs. This is all topped off by a strip of aluminium flashing along the ridge (for copper flashing email for details)

Height 1950mm x Width 1200 x Depth 680mm (All sizes approximate)

PLUS 20 Nets of Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs.

With a moisture content of less than 20%.

The logs are cut to 25cm in length making them the perfect fit for all stoves.
All nets weigh roughly 11-12kg

*All our products are hand built using pressure treated (tanalised) timber which ensures long and trouble- free service of at least 10 years.

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